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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought after industry analyst, speaker, commentator and thought leader.

Jun 29, 2020

Today we’re joined by Hima Lakkaraju, an Assistant Professor at Harvard University with appointments in both the Business School and Department of Computer Science. 

At CVPR, Hima was a keynote speaker at the Fair, Data-Efficient and Trusted Computer Vision Workshop, where she spoke on Understanding the Perils...

Jun 25, 2020

We continue our CVPR coverage with today’s guest, Pavan Turaga, Associate Professor at Arizona State University, with dual appointments as the Director of the Geometric Media Lab, and Interim Director of the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering.

Pavan gave a keynote presentation at the Differential Geometry in CV...

Jun 22, 2020

Today we’re joined by Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi, a Research Scientist at Qualcomm.

Babak works closely with former guest Max Welling and is currently focused on conditional computation, which is the main driver for today’s conversation. We dig into a few papers in great detail including one from this year’s CVPR...

Jun 18, 2020

Today we’re joined by Marsal Gavalda, head of machine learning for the Commerce platform at Square. 

Marsal, who hails from Barcelona, Catalonia, kicks off our conversation by indulging Sam in their shared love for language, which is what put him on the path to a career in machine learning. At Square, Marsal manages...

Jun 15, 2020

Today we’re joined by Jianxu Chen, a scientist in the Assay Development group at the Allen Institute for Cell Science. 

At the latest GTC conference, Jianxu presented his work on the Allen Cell Explorer Toolkit, an open-source project that allows users to do 3D segmentation of intracellular structures in fluorescence...