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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought after industry analyst, speaker, commentator and thought leader.

Jan 31, 2018

In this episode, I'm joined by Andy Keller and Emile Chin-Dickey to discuss Intel's partnership with the Ferrari Challenge North American Series. Andy is a Deep Learning Data Scientist at Intel and Emile is Senior Manager of Marketing Partnerships at the company. In this show, Emile gives us a high-level overview of the Ferrari Challenge partnership and the goals of the collaboration. Andy & I then dive into the AI aspects of the project, including how the training data was collected, the techniques they used to perform fine-grained object detection in the video streams, how they built the analytics platform, some of the remaining challenges with this project, and more! Be sure to check out some of the great names that will be at the AI Conference in New York, Apr 29–May 2, where you'll join the leading minds in AI, Peter Norvig, George Church, Olga Russakovsky, Manuela Veloso, and Zoubin Ghahramani. Explore AI's latest developments, separate what's hype and what's really game-changing, and learn how to apply AI in your organization right now. Save 20% on most passes with discount code PCTWIML at Early price ends February 2! The notes for this show can be found at For complete contest details, visit For complete series details, visit