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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought after industry analyst, speaker, commentator and thought leader.

Aug 27, 2018

Today we’re joined by Christy Dennison, Machine Learning Engineer at OpenAI.

Since joining OpenAI earlier this year, Christy has been working on OpenAI’s efforts to build an AI-powered agent to play the DOTA 2 video game. Our conversation begins with an overview of DOTA 2 gameplay and the recent OpenAI Five benchmark which put the OpenAI agent up against a team of professional human players. We then dig into the underlying technology used to create OpenAI Five, including their use of deep reinforcement learning and LSTM recurrent neural networks, and their liberal use of entity embeddings, plus some of the tricks and techniques they use to train the model on 256 GPUs and 128,000 CPU cores.

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