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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought after industry analyst, speaker, commentator and thought leader.

Oct 18, 2019

In this episode from a stellar TWIMLcon panel, the state and future of larger, more established brands is analyzed and discussed. Hear from Amr Awadallah, Founder and Global CTO of Cloudera, Pallav Agrawal, Director of Data Science at Levi Strauss & Co., and Jürgen Weichenberger, Data Science Senior Principal & Global AI Lead at Accenture, moderated by Josh Bloom Professor at UC Berkeley. In this episode we discuss:

  • For an ML/AI initiative to be successful, a conscious and noticeable shift is now required in how things used to be managed while educating cross-functional teams in data science terms and methodologies 
  • It can be tempting and exciting to constantly be trying out the latest technologies, but brand consistency and sustainability is imperative to success
  • How the real business value - the money - can be found by putting your big ML/AI goals and projects in the core competencies of the company.  
  • Are traditional enterprises fundamentally changing their business through ML/AI, and if so, why? 
  • Real-world examples and thought-provoking ideas for scaling ML/AI in the traditional enterprise

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