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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought after industry analyst, speaker, commentator and thought leader.

Dec 23, 2019

Today we begin our coverage of the 2019 NeurIPS conference with Celeste Kidd, Assistant Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley. In our conversation, we discuss:

  • The research at the Kidd Lab, which is focused on understanding “how people come to know what they know.”
  • Her invited talk “How to Know,” which details the core cognitive systems people use to guide their learning about the world.
  • Why people are curious about some things but not others.
  • How our past experiences and existing knowledge shape our future interests.
  • Why people believe what they believe, and how these beliefs are influenced in one direction or another.
  • How machine learning figures into this equation.

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